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Keytech 3D Printing filaments are made with high special polymers, mostly never use in 3D Printing till today.

These filament are made with high thermal and mechanical characteristics.

Particular attention are PolyKey PLA HS and PolyKey PLA HS NX who have a similar thermal and mechanical characteristics of ABS and PA but are possible and easy to print like PLA.

Others new polymers are PP (Polypropylene) Special Compound with high thermal and mechanical characteristics better of ABS and PA, aren't biopolymers and in meantime have also very low moisture absorption and will be to print similar PLA.

On the next page you can see a best values and points of Keytech 3D Printing Filament.


- Standard
- Reinforced with fillers
- Wood effect
- Aluminium effect
- Transparent filament
- Rubber
- PLA Layer
- Food contact approved
- Medical use approved
- To customer specification



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